@ Myanmar earns 89 mln USD from rubber exports in seven months (13/11/2017)

13 Nov 2017
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YANGON, Nov. 8 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar has earned 89 million U.S. dollars from rubber exports in the first seven months of present fiscal year of 2017-2018, increased by 26 million dollars compared to the last fiscal year 2016-2017, official Global New Light of Myanmar reported Wednesday.

Myanmar's rubber is mainly exported to neighboring China via border gates - Muse, Lweje, Kanpikete, Chinshwehaw and Kengtung.

The country's rubber export also goes to Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, China's Taiwan and India.

More than 90 percent of rubber production goes to export market and the country's rubber export accounts for only 1.6 percent of exports in the global market.

In export market, the price of the country's rubber is low because of a lack of better technology and quality of rubber production.

Myanmar's southern Mon state is the main rubber producer in the country.

Source : http://news.xinhuanet.com

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