@European Commission adds natural rubber to its critical raw materials list (29/09/2560)

29 Sep 2017
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Brussels, Belgium - Chemistry World reports that the European Commission has updated its list of 27 critical raw materials for European industry. Nine materials, including helium and natural rubber, have been added to the list, while chromium and magnesite have been removed. Three of the newly added materials, bismuth, helium and phosphorus, were not previously assessed. Some have become more critical because of changing demand and supply, while others moved into the critical class because of a change in how their supply risk is calculated, focusing more on where Europe gets its materials rather than global production. One example is natural rubber, for which the commission notes there are few readily available substitutes, especially in the automotive sector. While Thailand is the world’s biggest supplier of natural rubber, Europe imports mostly from Indonesia and Malaysia, which score low on the World Governance Index, so are seen as less reliable. were newly assessed in 2017. "The list first serves to understand raw materials security supply issues for the EU," says a commission spokesman. "We use the list to incentivize production in the EU through enhancing recycling or mining, and try to direct EU research funding in this direction." Source: rubber world (28/09/2017)

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