@Rubber Division publishes "Frontiers" issue of Rubber Chemistry and Technology(11/08/2560)

11 Aug 2017
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Akron, OH - The Rubber Division, ACS, has published a special "Frontiers" issue of Rubber Chemistry and Technology, which was created to highlight cutting-edge research on breakthrough materials, novel approaches to modeling and testing, and exciting new applications in the field of elastomers. Rubber Chemistry & Technology (RC&T) is a journal for scholarly research on the science of rubber and elastomeric materials. RC&T has been in publication since 1928, providing the deepest archive of scholarly work in the field. The journal's scope includes enduring topics such as chemistry, mechanics and materials science, as well as emerging research in nano-, bio- and green technology, characterization, and simulation. Published four times per year, RC&T is read by scientists and engineers in academia, government and industry throughout the world. Topics covered in this Frontiers collection of articles include new insights into the influence of nanoscale fillers on polymer dynamics and reinforcement from both molecular dynamics and experimental investigations; novel testing methodologies and theoretical frameworks in rubber characterization and failure mechanics; dielectric elastomers; bio-based polymers; graphene nanocomposites; and other innovative materials and applications. The authors are affiliated with academia, government laboratories and industry in the United States, Europe and Asia, reflecting the global nature and breadth of research and development in the field. Rubber Division, ACS, members receive complimentary access to the RC&T Journal and this inaugural "Frontiers" issue. Non-members can view the table of contents at www.rubber.org. - Source: rubber world (10/08/2017)

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